NIX — Sigma Public Testnet Launched

NIX Platform
May 8 · 1 min read
NIX 3.0 Sigma public Testnet launched

Dear NIX Community,

We are happy to announce that the public Testnet for NIX 3.0 has been launched! This includes our developments on Sigma, a new zero-knowledge privacy protocol replacement to Zerocoin. A recap on the Sigma developments on NIX can be found here.

Tests have been running successful for weeks, and this gives an opportunity to the community to test out this powerful new protocol before we transition it to Mainnet. A timeline for a Mainnet launch has not been set, however, is likely to be within the next 3 to 4 weeks.


Wallet download with instructions on how to run here.

Testnet explorer here.

For more information about NIX , or to get more information on testnet , join our community!






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