Blog Project #2 & #3

Blog #2

Format: Magazine Cover

Audience: People who read GQ magazine and to people that are interested in mythology creatures.

Purpose: The purpose is to entertain and inform readers about the 25th anniversary of GQ magazine.

It’s effective because first of all, Rihanna is trying to put her own twist to Medusa which is a Greek mythology creature. This magazine cover would bring people in to buy the magazine because of Rihanna’s look. It’s already a popular magazine but it will get more sells because of the cover. Also it says “25th Anniversary special issue”, I think that since it’s an old creature that is portrayed on the cover it really achieves it’s purpose since it is the 25th anniversary.

Blog #3

Format: Billboard Advertisement

Audience: Cigarette Smokers and people that don’t smoke.

Purpose: To inform that smoking is bad for you and to persuade smokers to stop smoking cigarettes.

This billboard advertisement is plain and simple but also effective. I say it is effective because it shows a cigarette being crushed by the actual billboard. It’s very creative and it is also good for the audience because it gives the website that you can go on to help you start your steps to stop smoking cigarettes. Also people that don’t smoke can visit the website so that they can understand why smoking is bad for you and that they shouldn’t start smoking.

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