Cultural Appropriation and Sexism in Music

There is a fine line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation, and it can be difficult to distinguish the two especially in today’s music. There have been countless instances where an artist came out with a music style or music video that brewed a lot of tension and controversy. Due to many people seeing it as an inappropriate representation of their culture or just offensive with how they came about it. This is an important topic because it has a lot of history behind it, such as many previous instances where it has happened, as well as more recent.

Another issue that is faced in the world of music is sexism. Especially when it comes to the response artists of different genders get when expressing their sexuality. While men are praised for their out right vulgar lyrics and references, female artists are often slammed for doing the same thing. I believe that this is a hearty topic with lots of information to refer to and talk about.

It can be very controversial due to the vast amounts of people with differing opinions about what falls under the category of cultural appropriation and what is just a simple appreciation of and inspiration of the culture, as well as wether an artist should receive positive or negative responses from the public based on their gender. There are many different perspectives for this issue and no matter which side your on, there are always an infinite amount of reason why a person could have the opinion they have on the issue. This topic may seem as though there is only black and white or only two sides you can take but everything is perceived differently by different people in different ways. I believe it is also interesting to learn about the cases in which this controversy has arisen following the release of many songs and videos and as well as seeing others points of view with the stance they take on if they are offensive or just glorifying. It is also good to learn about what makes a specific action good or bad based on gender.