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Interview tips varies from professional to professional but here I am not only going to give you simple statements but also some examples, statistics and some tools to master the interview.

Lot of phases involved in interviews and it varies from companies to companies keeping yourself prepared for all the situation is the good thing you can do to yourself. Sharing this post with others is the best thing you can do for me.

I am sure this post will help you build the confidence in you to crack interviews.

Preparation Phase

To crack written Test

1.Mostly all your technical questions will be from your lower grades and most of them are basic ,revising your lower class books or understanding the basic concepts of your study will help you to crack the test.

There are lot of online websites to help you out with the sample interview questions.

Few of the popular websites are

















The above listed websites hold both technical and aptitude and for all subjects based on your interest practice on the respective websites.

For example Indiabix.com got interview questions for both mechanical engineers and for computer science candidates and for all disciplines.

18. If you are the born intelligent then you can solve aptitude questions easily but people like me have to hustle to practise it. I believe Practise makes a man perfect so I practised and cleared few interviews.

If you don’t understand by reading on the website or from book. You can watch some YouTube videos that could help you to understand the concepts better.

Few of the popular YouTube channels are

19.Banking Careers

20.AK Agarwal Aptitude

21.Bank Gyan

22.Team Mast

23.Anil Nair Classes

24.Pretty Uzlain

25.Takshzila Shikshak

26.Aptitude Academy

27.Once you understood the basics of qualitative, quantitative and logical reasoning then practice everyday till you get the job but not before the day of interview.

But where to practice

28.To help you know your position and knowledge on the above subjects few websites are conducting mock interview tests all you have to do is to sign up and start giving. They won’t share the info with any companies so you need not to worry and try until you get right.

Few online mock test conductors








Once you are done with written test then you most of the companies go for group discussion here they are going to test your communication skill and leadership.

It’s an important phase you need to handle it carefully.

How to handle Group discussion?

36.Most recruiters throw trending topics in their country for discussion. So you need to be in trend with what is happening around you daily.

Other than watching news and reading dailies you can also use socialMedia platforms to find the trending news.

Few of the place where you can find trending news

37.Facebook right column


39.Google Trends

40.Twitter Left Column

There are lot of places to find trending topics but these comes handy.

The above listed websites list you daily trending topics all you have to do is to extract the core content and learn what is happening and what happened.

41.Keeping number and names related to specific news is advisable. Rather submitting a plain statements when you add data in it more ears listen to you. But don’t wrong one.

You can also generate number of topics around a single keyword and use it for mock group discussions.

For example : Your interviewer is not going to say talk about “Digital World “ but rather in some complete sentences like “Pros and Cons of digital world” or “Is digital world possible?” here “Digital World is a key word and you have to build a topic to gain more points during your real group discussion.

Few tools to create topics

42.Content Idea Generator

43.Content Row



46.Inbound Now


48.SEO Pressor

49.Hubspot’s blog idea generator

The above listed tools are commonly used by bloggers to generate idea for their next post. But nothing wrong in it you can also use it for generating group discussion ideas.

50.All you have to do is to enter the Keyword and generate some topics.

Communication skill is very important in Group discussion. In most of the countries GD will be in English. To speak English confidently and grammatical error free you can make your basics stronger by watching YouTube videos or enrolling in spoken English courses.

Continue reading the rest here http://socialtalky.com/career-guidance/interview-tips-and-tools/

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