Disaster in Hamburg

America’s presidency line has started from George Washington all the way to Abraham Lincoln, leading to our current president, Donald Trump. Donald Trump was elected president for the 2016 presidential election. Although he may be president, there are many who are against him, as he is notorious for making unreasonable and radical decisions in shaping global policies. Not only are people in detest of America’s president, they are also against the gathering of a presidential meeting, the G-20 Summit.

So what exactly is the G-20 Summit? The G-20, a group of 20 presidents, come from major economies around the world who come together for meetings and decide on world economic issues and war issues. The grudge against G-20 summit is that people around the world are worried that the G-20 summit has too much power in their hands, meaning they have huge decisions that can cause either a good or bad situation to people all over the world. Besides the hate, there are also protests against the capitalism and especially the presence of Donald Trump included in the G-20 meeting. In fact, the city Hamburg was later shown that some activists hid their faces and committed acts that endangered the police and local businesses. German police had to deploy water cannons and tear gas to keep the crowds under control. It is said that this has been one of the largest police operations in the past few years.

Even though the G-20 have access to a lot of power, presidents should be able to make a decision best for the world. They are presidents after all, and to make a decision as big as this, it is the president’s responsibility, and presidents coming together to share ideas and to represent their country is far more reasonable than having billions of people all together making a decision. But there are negative things about the G-20. If the G-20 were to hold the meeting, they should keep it in a private place like the White House, or they should be expecting a lot of chaos from people. The president of Germany, Angela Merkel, was criticized for the decision to hold the event in Hamburg. President Angela Merkel came to defense and spoke clearly for herself, but if you rethink the idea of a meeting when there are security issues, it could be a concern to the people of Hamburg, especially when you consider the fact that there were 186 activists arrested and 15000 police deployed. Therefore, a group like the G-20 is necessary, but the current summit needs to be altered fairly for the president and his people.

Even though many acts of violence have been shown, the G-20 group still holds the meeting in Hamburg. As for the next U.S presidential election, there is a likely chance that Donald Trump will resign from his responsibility as president. No one knows what the G-20 or Donald Trump could cause in the future, but time will only tell. The 2018 meeting will be held in Buenos Aires, but who knows what act of violence will be caused then.

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