Keeping the World Clean

Ever since Global Warming, there has been a lot of twists and turns. Asia has been suffering a particular major effect in their daily lives: polluted air. The concerns and fright of the air are deleterious to Asians and our future generations. The entire world is in need of alternative energy resources before the world suffers more.
Air is something we need to breathe in every day. However, Asians aren’t getting the clean air that they need. President Moon has made a promise to decrease the use of unhealthy energy and find a more beneficial energy for Korea. Korea has used an enormous amount of fossil fuel and coal power plants that it is unhealthy to go outside without a mask. The air pollutants are harmful components in the air and are causing harm as we don’t think of a new energy resource fast. 
But Korea isn’t the only one suffering from the air pollution. In fact, it affected China to a much greater degree. China has one of the worst air quality on Earth. With China’s frequent hazardous pollution index, it is a danger to not only China but to any countries around China. Moreover, the dust and thick air pollution can obscure the sun and cause problems with taking in more vitamin D. In addition, plants and crops are dying all around. If crops die, farmers won’t have anything to sell, and that may cause a collapse on food for us and farmers. As a result, this might be one of the most dangerous times of our lives. 
Other people, however, may say that using energy like electric cars and solar energy isn’t as efficient as using fossil fuel. That may be true, but thinking about the future and safety first, is fossil fuel really something that would make our lives better? Fossil fuel and other bad energy resources could cause destruction to the earth and its ozone layer, causing the harmful Ultraviolet rays(UV) to come down on earth. Sooner or later, we wouldn’t even be able to go outside with the support of a mask or protection from the UV rays. Furthermore, the future harm of fossil fuel is more crucial than using fuel for our needs right now.
So how can we help to make a cleaner and safer world for us? Well, there are the few basic measures that we can take. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car when necessary, and turn off lights when not in use. When buying a car, try buying a car that doesn’t use energy bad for the environment — electric cars. If everyone does this bit by bit, we can help make a better world and learn from our mistakes on causing Global Warming. We can develop a new and improved energy and stop the suffering in Asia. In conclusion, the need for a cleaner environment is a necessity of our lives and what our future holds.

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