Should Youtube’s Ads Stay or Go?

The world of advertising first began at 1836. Advertisements (Ads) first started on paper and boards on the street, while nowadays we see it nearly everywhere, especially on the internet. Most people, however, find ads on the internet annoying and not interesting. This problem has been going on in the specific website: Youtube. With more than 30 million viewers a day, Youtube is the second most visited website on Earth. This leads to the big question on Youtube. Should we keep ads, or take them off this website?

There are those who agree on keeping the ad system. These people say that YouTubers have made up to 12 million dollars with the support of ads. The fact that ads support Youtubers shows that ads can be helpful in certain ways, including the fact that they help YouTubers with making money. In addition to ads helping Youtubers, the ad system also helps Youtube. The annual cost to run Youtube every year is up to $6.35 billion. Without this system supporting Youtube with its money, Youtube would crumble and its content wouldn’t be as good as to this day.

However, there are those who are against ads. They’re the people who abhor ads. In these people’s experiences, users on Youtube usually skip ads as soon as possible and most don’t even bother to look at these ads. In fact, it is said that users using ad blockers have risen up to around 150 million people. Ads are found to be wasting our time when we could be doing something more important during the 8 seconds of these ads. Furthermore, viewers say that they don’t owe Youtube time and that ads should be banished from this website.

In my experience with Youtube, I think it is right for Youtube to keep ads on the website. Without ads, I probably couldn’t watch Youtube every year. Moreover, I get to see unique videos from Youtubers thanks to ads; advertisements facilitates worldwide communication for those who are watching or making videos. In my point of view, advertisements aren’t elements that distracts me from watching Youtube videos. Ads are beneficial for Youtube, and thus the fall of ads will beget the fall of Youtube.

Although I may think of ads positively, most people of my age would rather have ads banned. As mentioned earlier, some of us may say that ads aren’t something that anyone looks at and finds interesting. That may be true to certain extent but, without ads you would be staring at a blank screen for 8 seconds to wait until the video to load; such action is the true epitome of literally wasting time. In other words, ads make that blank 8 seconds more entertaining, thereby allowing people to wait patiently. In conclusion, keeping ads is the best way for the Youtube society.