Theresa May & Ramsay MacDonald. Two Underestimated Prime Ministers at the mercy of “Events”.
Cameron Bradbury

“strong parliamentary majority which she undoubtedly deserved”

Get a grip Cameron, the “event” that led to her losing all of her credibility was an election that she cynically called because she thought she simply couldn't lose. With her victory already supposedly preordained she approved a lazy uncosted manifesto that offered absolutely nothing to young people or low earners and showed complete and utter contempt for the publics intelligence choosing to reduce her entire campaign to a “strong and stable” soundbite, which was then contrasted by the reality of numerous policy uturns and cowardly refusing to show up to a leadership debate with Corbyn. Never has an election been so one sided regarding money, media support and pre-election poll numbers, but Corbyn overcame that by connecting with people in huge rallies, while Maybot struggled through planned meetings with pre-selected supporters only.

Theresa May will not lead the Tories into the next election because she is utterly hopeless, a leader with no conviction and a campaigner who cannot even meet regular people let alone actually connect with them.

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