‘Glass Castle’ showcases relatable nature of Jeanette Walls’ writing

From the very first page until the last, The Glass Castle will keep you wanting more after every outrageous family story. This autobiography by Jeanette Walls shows of family tragedy, hardship, euphoria, and distrust. As she grew up in practical poverty, she carefully documented within her mind the stories of a troubled and adventurous childhood.

The daughter of Rex and Rosemary Walls, we first hear of young Jeanette when she is three years old. Her first memory is being engulfed in flames caused from boiling hot dogs on the stove. From this moment, we are introduced into the rest of the struggling family. Rex, the drunken father, and Rosemary, the non-disciplinary mother, live with Jeanette and her 2 siblings all around the country. Arizona, Las Vegas, West Virginia, and many other places are called home along the way.

As we are introduced on a more in-depth basis with the family, we learn of the twisted morals that Jeanette’s parents live by. Her father counts cards to keep the family afloat saying that if an action is necessary for survival, it doesn’t have to be considered wrong. Her mother hides food from her children saying that she needs it more and says that she can’t help that they are hungry all the time.

From these skewed morals emerges a spark within Jeanette to strive for better things than what her family has done. As she grows older, she makes choices that she knows will eventually lead her to a successful future. She moves away from the family with her siblings to New York where she finds herself and her success as a writer.

The more immersed in the book that you become, the harder it is to detach yourself from the pages. The personalized effect on the reader lends itself to a truly unique writing style that not many authors can pull off.

As you gain more insight into the life of Jeanette Walls, it is easy to see why this award winning work is the #1 New York Times Bestseller. So go, pick up a copy from the library or buy one from you local bookstore and prepare to be amazed by the stories you will encounter.