On the Spinnaker Team at Intuit, we use Terraform to set up all of our long-lived cloud infrastructure, spanning more than 10 AWS accounts across multiple regions. The sections below exemplify the lessons we have learned along out Terraform journey.

(Note: We use Terraform for AWS only so the examples below are specific to AWS, even though the learnings could be applied to all cloud providers.)

1. Importance of Terraform Folder Structure

Terraform is a very powerful tool that can automate the creation of numerous Cloud Infrastructure resources, however, there are also flaws. A major flaw we found in Terraform is that the state path gets…

And a few others…

These two articles you should read every year (or more often) for the rest of your life. Just read and you’ll see. I think they are key to being happy.

Heres other articles that you can go through if any of these events come up in your life.

If you have anxiety:

If you need to automate your finances:

If you need to hire someone:

If your becoming a manager:

If you need to build a team:

If you want to protect your wealth:

If you need to plan better:

Please comment below articles you think I should add to…

The morning of Race Day

And why everyone should run a marathon

The five worst miles of my life. My brother and I ran these side by side, not saying a word. Its a funny thing when you’re running in total agony. Your mind set on one goal and you don't really feel like saying much at all. It is just you and your thoughts in your head, even when two hours ago, you were talking about how beautiful the Minneapolis skyline is and how funny the signs the people on the side of the road are holding up. Most of the signs got old, however there are some clever ones. My…

1. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

2. Purpose - Justin Bieber

Nick Fix

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