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Nida Deal, Sis Heaton, Ruth Dunbar and Nina Platte on a girls’ pack trip, 1913. Photograph by Lora Webb Nichols.

In 1886, Horace Nichols, a penitentiary worker turned rancher, moved his family from Boulder, Colorado to south-central Wyoming to homestead as his two brothers had previously done. He established a ranch on the north fork of the Encampment River in the upper north Platte Valley along the Snowy Range Mountains, a site the family would name “Willow Glen.” His daughter Lora, three years old when the family first moved to Wyoming, began a diary at the age of 13 that she faithfully continued for 65 years. Three years after beginning her lifelong commitment to her diary, Lora began making photographs that she also continued until the year of her death in 1962. …


Nicole Jean Hill

Nicole Jean Hill is a photographer and professor of art at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA.