About Me

I am a young business professional with interests in the areas of Data management, Process Analysis, Programming, and Product Management. A Liberty loving DIY hacker and maker in my free time.

The Technical

I currently work in the Georgia Perimeter Admissions office of Georgia State University

I am a self-starter and took the initiative on several occasions recreating office procedures and shortening process time, particularly in our imaging area. I am adept in spreadsheet manipulation and other Microsoft Suite applications. I have also took on small office technology tasks, such as configuring connections to printers, mapping to shared network drives and troubleshooting problems in Axiom, Extender, and Document Manger. Whenever a technology issue arises I am generally consulted first by peers before submitting tickets to the help desk. In addition I have extreme dedication to training and updating training documentation for better business practices. I am dedicated to continuous improvement and learning by having a full understanding of the current process and procedures and constantly making recommendation to increase efficiency and effectiveness as well as utilizing the knowledge banks that the college offers: Lynda, Skills Soft, Ellucian Knowledge Library Etc

The still slightly technical stuff about myself:

I am a problem solver, a maker, and a hacker, even in my spare time. Every hour of my day is dedication to self improvement if I’m not involved in improving my career skills I’m entrenched in a personal project.

I’m a lover of Liberty and Voluntary interaction and see the start up and entrepreneurial culture as the greatest manifestation of these ideals.