Acceptance into General Assembly WDI Atlanta.

So I have been accepted in General Assembly for third time.

This time I was accepted through a Achieve program, which cosigns my loan for the course, which is great.

Lets see how this turns out.

Here is the admissions process

  1. Application
  2. Pre-work
  3. Phone call with admissions officer
  4. technical interview
  5. Pre-work Project turn in.

The Admissions process went rather smoothly, The achieve program actually got me a direct interview with the General Manager of Campus Education Anna Lindow, which I’ve been told is very special.

The prework was rather fun. Just a short review of frontend html/css, java script, Git and basic Web stuff. If you have went through code Academy or FreeCodeCamp it will be a breeze.

Next was the interview with Anna. Which was really stressful for some reason. I got all choked up which made my voice really high. Though It was delightful. Anna asked alot about my work history, she was very pleased to hear that I have went through the pre work before and that I have previous experience scripting in SQL and VBA.

The on campus interview was also delightful I met with with Zoe. The interview was kind of to get to know and and for me to get to know the campus.

Finally you have to submit a Pre-Work Project. The Project is fairly simple, a front end application matching cards with SJ. The course work basically tells you how to make it.

After that that the usual Post survey.

With all this said I found interview and Pre-work straight. I recommend completing codeAcademy or freecodecamp first .