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The New Jersey Injury Lawyer helps clients in NJ who need legal representation and counseling for accident injury matters. If you need to speak to a personal injury or car accident attorney in New Jersey, then give us a call at (201) 944–9200. We can help with most personal injury matters, including car accident injuries. We offer free consultations to every new client. Find an injury Attorney at

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Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with a handful of law firms. The Khorozian Law Group has been by far the best and most engaging Law Firm I’ve worked with to date. Linda Khorozian, the lead council is engaging and noticeably on top of her game. I would highly recommended that you sit for consultation regarding any legal matter.

On The Job Injuries & NJ Worker’s Comp

Khorozian Law Group, L.L.C.
One Bridge Plaza North, #275
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 944–9200

Accident injury law firm in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We help clients who have been seriously injured as a result of someone’s negligence or harmful acts.

Mediation In Personal Injury Lawsuits

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We help the following clients in New Jersey, Bergen County, Hackensack, Fort Lee, and Hudson County, NJ…

Personal Injury Accident Victims

Clients in need of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Real Estate Legal Issues

General Litigation

Bergen County, NJ Car Accident Attorney

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I have worked with the Khorozian Law Group for most of this year. I have found them to be very knowledgeable in their practice. I would recommend Linda Khorozian to anyone in NJ who needs a personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney, or real estate lawyer. Basically, if you have litigation in New Jersey or the Bergen County Area, then Linda is a great help.

New Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer — There are many factors that contribute to unsafe conditions on the New Jersey roadways. For many years now there have been certain alcohol related accidents on our freeways and it is not uncommon for the firm to hear from clients who have been injured by a drunk driver in New Jersey.

However, we are now seeing a rise in electronic device related accidents. Cell phones, text messaging, social media apps, and electronic tablets. All of these contribute to a level of distracted driving that can sometimes cause a serious auto accident.

Many auto accident victims report that they actually saw the other driver with their head down staring at a cell phone screen just before the collision.

Truck Accident Law Firm in New Jersey

★★★★★ a month ago, Review by Jessica Seminelli on Google +

Linda was helpful, available and extremely knowledgeable as she helped me through closing on a new property. I highly recommend working with this firm and will absolutely call them for future needs.

Do you need a truck accident attorney? Even at a relatively slow speed, an 18 wheeler or big rig can seriously injure or kill the driver and/or passengers in a passenger vehicle.

Victims of these terrible accidents often have serious injuries that are draining physically, emotionally and financially. Many accident victims cannot work for months, or ever again.

Even if your auto and health insurance cover most of your medical costs after a truck accident, policy limits may kick in.

You may not receive suitable compensation for your injuries and losses. This is often the case where the accident victim is permanently disabled and can no longer work. The expense of long term medical care also is very high. How will you pay?

The New Jersey Injury Attorney helps clients in New Jersey who need sound legal advice in personal injury law matters.

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