Steady Progress

Today being the second day of my Andela bootcamp there is a lot to share in terms of my growth and exposure so far. The day has been quite busy considering there was a lot i had to familiarize myself with including creating Git repository and other useful commands to work with git. Besides some other resources not being accessible i have been able to complete my assigned tasks on the stated time.

The two days i have been engaging with Andela program i have been able to understand the need for proper time management and not giving up. This i can say for sure considering that i had to learn most of unfamiliar contents by myself. I solely relied on online content to familiarize myself with major topics. one of the challenges with this was determining which content to trust in so short a time considering the tasks that were ahead.

My struggles and determination in ensuring that i deliver required content on time is a great implication of the software developer out there. A lot of dedication is required to develop good software that can relied on.

i can say for sure the day has been quite productive and i hope to achieve even more in the coming days.

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