Why I Started Bioverge

Health and Happiness Matter on a Deep & Fundamental Level

I am hedonistic and eternally neurotic.

Let whatever stereotypes come to mind when you read that statement; but that statement is exactly why I started Bioverge.

Deep down, on a truly fundamental level, we as a society believe that the pursuit of happiness is the most important thing you can do with your life. No matter what happiness means to you personally — health, family, friends, money, power, I can go on — it is what gets you up each morning. Our founders even felt the need to put that into America’s founding principles.

However, we also know, that happiness can be fleeting; stress from work reaches a climax, personal relationships fail, and our health can falter. And there are few things in life that impact our happiness more than a loved ones’ health.

This is why I started Bioverge, because there is a problem to be solved and I don’t believe that investing in our health should ever be mutually exclusive from generating a financial return. In fact, following the endowment fund model and adding alternative assets, such as venture capital investments, is a great way to reduce portfolio volatility and enhance your returns.

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The Healthcare Business Model is Not Sustainable

I’ve been in and around the healthcare and biotechnology space my entire career, and I’ve witnessed firsthand the myriad of perverse incentives in our broken system. U.S. healthcare expenditures will hit $3.4 trillion this year, equating to 18.2% of U.S. GDP. That level of health spending relative to GDP is about 50 percent more than most other developed nations.

In 2016, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to pump $154 billion into R&D, with the average prescription drug taking 10 plus years and costing $2.6 billion to develop and bring to market. You don’t have to be entrenched in the industry to realize this model is broken and unsustainable.

Source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2014/11/18/cost-bringing-prescription-drug-market-tops-billion-tufts-research-center-estimates/6mPph8maRxzcvftWjr7HUN/story.html

Investing in ‘Life-Tech’ Startups

I started Bioverge because we are in the midst of witnessing the convergence of the most powerfully technology ever developed — biology — being combined with increasingly powerful software, robotic systems, and artificial intelligence. This new and emerging area is what we at Bioverge refer to as ‘life-tech’. Now don’t be mislead, this convergence of industries is still in its infancy and the field, like all others, will be littered with failures and setbacks, but there will be successes.

And I’m here to tell you; for those groundbreaking entrepreneurs who succeed in changing the way medicine is practiced, who succeed in making our loved one healthy, and ultimately succeed in making the world a happier place, Bioverge will be there too.

I started Bioverge because I believe that investing for the right reasons should never be mutually exclusive with seeking a financial return. I want to help entrepreneurs succeed and investors get a monetary and emotional return on their investment.

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