Better Than the Others

Nick Jozefowski

This advertisement was found in the Us Weekly magazine and it is by the popcorn company Orville Redenbacher’s. The advertisement is aimed towards people 50 and under, ones who like to watch movies with friends. Essentially, the company is appealing to the audience’s need to achieve and it also utilizes a USP to show that they are the best on the market.

First of all, the popcorn company appeals to the audience’s need to achieve. People always strive to be the best, to be better than the person next to them. Orville Redenbacher’s wants to show that the customer will be better than everybody else because they are giving them more popcorn in the same sized bag. Therefore, by choosing the bag with the most popcorn, the customer will feel proud of themselves. Also, the popcorn company is saying that they are better than their competitors because they are providing more popcorn in the same bag, a classic example of the need to achieve. In addition to using one of the 15 appeals, Orville Redenbacher’s utilizes a USP. This is a short, concise phase which says, “The same size bag. 3 cups more popcorn.” This can also be considered as a headline. The purpose of the font being big and bold is to grab the reader’s attention quickly. After doing that, the headline/USP is short and concise. The purpose of this is so that the reader doesn’t get bored looking at the advertisement. Also, it give the reader more time to look at the graphics in the other part of the advertisement.

To conclude, this advertisement is successful. It utilizes good placement and lighting, to make the bowl of popcorn pop out at the reader. It also uses a creative USP which is concise and bold to catch the reader’s attention at first glance. It then taps into the audience’s need to achieve by saying the popcorn is better than their competitors because they offer more popcorn in the same-size bag.