Create Purpose Worldwide

Well here goes everything…

This is my attempt to keep myself accountable to…myself. It’s an effort to appreciate this journey enough to sit down and actually write out what’s going on.

We started Create Purpose Worldwide (which will be hereby referred to as CPW) because we knew the current system is failing the children of Baja. We know that organizations, though they try their best and have the best of intentions, just aren’t set up to deal with the larger problem of child abandonment in the world. We plug holes as a society. Giving money to keep kids alive without any attempt to really develop their skills so that they actually have a fair shot at life when they grow up. We say we educate our hopeless youth when we really just provide them with a uniform, we cover their education expenses and we cherry pick the best and the brightest to tell our story. All these parts are absolutely crucial to the overall solution. But it does nothing for the majority of children who will never get into a university, have zero life or 21st Century skills when they leave care facilities often referred to as orphanages. The majority of these kids are severely behind in academics. How can we expect them to focus on learning when we’re not even addressing the trauma that they’ve undergone? Our system is not equipped to deal with these issues.

In fact, most of these homes aren’t orphanages. A large chunk of the kids living at these homes aren’t orphaned at all. Most have families that have in some way, shape or form let them down. Some children come into the homes with the most disastrous stories you could even begin to imagine. Beaten. Raped. Forced to do backbreaking labor. Situations that I sometimes let my mind wander when I look at one of them lost in thought.

I remember promising two brothers at our first home, Casa Hogar de Maria Inmaculada that I’d be there for a while and would be bringing something transformative into their lives. I had no idea what. I had no clue the road ahead. I was living a peaceful life as a consultant making relatively good money and traveling the world. Now, I’m working for free and I recently canceled my Fiji and Vegas trips so that I can go to Tijuana more often. Seems backwards.

Truth is, I have never felt more alive in my life. My heart is inspired every day as I see growth in the children and meet people who have similar visions of a better world.

I’ve been stretched more than words can even describe.

I’m not quite sure what this blog will be about. A lot of my daily interactions perhaps. Stories about the kids maybe. I’ll share my cries and struggles here. Failures and victories.

So here we are. Create Purpose Worldwide. A program that’s constantly in development, funding that mirrors that of a fresh startup, a mission that we’ve been told is “too big” for us, and a team who is committed to transforming the lives of abandoned children worldwide no matter what the cost!

Let’s go!


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