The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong

I remember listening to a TED talk from Dan Pallotta entitled “The way we think about charity is dead wrong.” This came at a time when the desire to want to do more was taking over my life. I was conditioned that a life of working in charity to earn a living led to a life of mediocrity. That yes, your heart may be fulfilled with the good that you put back in the world but your pockets will be lined with lint and lottery tickets for your remaining days. And then I heard Dan. He completely changed it for me. The buzzword “social entrepreneur” had hit my eardrums for the very first time and I found myself agreeing throughout his entire 20 minutes. Why did I have to choose a life of poverty over a life of helping others and doing good? Why not think of this as a business and treat it as such. The entire idea of the word NON-PROFIT already puts do-gooders behind the 8ball and ties their hands to thinking of their organization as a a non money making organism. When, in fact, if you aren’t making money there is no way you’re going to support the good you’re planning to do in the world. It’s a backwards system where if “You want to make $50 Million selling violent video games to kids? Go for it! We’ll put you on the cover of Wired Magazine but you want to make half a million dollars curing kids of malaria and you’re considered a parasite yourself.” -D.P.

I’m not saying we started this to be wealthy. All I’m saying is we started this with the intention of growing it like a regular business. We are unashamed that we want to inspire a younger generation of philanthropists through social media, marketing and virality. We are not worried about charity overhead and but instead we are laser focused on the impact we have on the abandoned children of the world.

Please. Do yourself a favor and watch his video. You will never think about “charity” the same way ever again.

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