In the summer of 2018, the UK experienced a heatwave with temperatures soaring as high as 35ºC. This happened to coincide with our first proper fundraise at Klydo; a much needed investment to help grow the team and deliver on our exciting proposition.

I spent two very hot months cycling across London pitching to over 30 institutional investors, from the trendy backstreets of Old Street to the prestigious lanes of Mayfair. Finally, in September 2018, we closed a £1m round led by Episode 1, one of the most highly regarded Seed-stage VCs in London.

Apart from learning how to rapidly…

Seeing the world through a kaleidoscopic lens [1]

The confidence to innovate

At Klydo, our vision is to create a world where everyone has the confidence to innovate. Psychological and organisational barriers to innovation will be removed and creative ideas will flourish instead of being suppressed for appearing too risky or unfounded. In this world, anyone can create unimagined solutions to the problems that matter most.

We are already giving companies the confidence to innovate for their customers by helping them create new products and services that solve meaningful problems. Next, we’ll help them innovate for themselves, enabling them to construct bold new business models, organisational designs and ways of working. …

Nick Schweitzer

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