I Accept Your Challenge.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Way back in the good old days before there was a thing called the internet (you assholes that are going to quote some 1970’s date as the “real” creation date can go suck eggs), I went to college to be a writer. It was a misguided attempt at a college degree… I completed my degree but that’s about it. I had lost any “voice” I might have thought I had when I was a brooding, pre-goth, mid 80’s teenager with a dyed-black mullet.

So, I got a job (or rather, I started a small construction company) because the money was instant and that’s something that pleases you when you’ve graduated college and have all this student debt and drive the same piece of shit you drove in high-school.

Flash forward 25 years. I’m 45/going through a mid-life crisis/divorced/my company died in the recession/ my credit score is in the tank…I could have something to say that someone would find interesting about life but I’ve been out of the game a looooooonnnggg time. I don’t know how to create a blog, market myself, create an income stream through writing… all of this is so new to me… like I’m ten years old. Scratch that, I have a 12 year old nephew and I’m sure he knows more about new technology than anyone else in my entire family.

My point, for those of you still waiting, is that I use (need) the occasional article with a number in the title or a lifehacker tip to help me navigate the world in which I live now. I don’t believe these articles are designed to rival the NYT or New Scientist articles my news aggregater sends me. They aren’t supposed to. Someone (beside me) is reading them too or they wouldn’t generate the number of clicks that they do.

I don’t read self-start/lifehack articles for the awesome, thought provoking prose. I don’t expect them to change my life. I expect to learn a thing or two… pick up a helpful tip here or there… pick and choose from the “many” and create my own singular, internal, master list of get-off-my-ass-and-write ideas and suggestions.

You self-righteous assholes who think you have something to say… and you type and type and type (so angry) without getting a single follower and you get madder and madder that someone else is getting clicks and no one is “little green hearting” your precious little words. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

If you write well and it’s something that someone wishes to read… you’ll get read. I can’t even comprehend how many blogs are uploaded to Medium every day. Neither can you. Listicals get views because they appeal to a broad audience and someone like me… as well as every other demographic can relate to (or are entertained by) “the top five ________ about cats.”

To everyone I follow: I enjoy your work. Jon’s blog about creating a list of 100 things you’re going to do in the next 25 years changed my life. No joke. I’m so sick of self-help/ Marc and Angel/ you-can-do-it bullshit. Jon speaks with a no-BS voice that I appreciate. He seems like a real person with real opinions and problems (at least to me). Maybe I’ve been duped, but if he’s just fishing for clicks and I still find something that changes my life, is that wrong?

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