When things doesn’t go right.. Go left.

Afterall it’s all about having a good time.

We all are together on a journey called Life, our lives, different yet similar. Where you are always occupied. You have interesting tasks like create new stuff, break old stuff, meeting new people, going places, making out with your partner or even getting high. And then you have not so interesting task like cleaning, planning finances, paying bill, getting ends to meet, worrying about getting old.

For us to have a great life we need more of high times and less of low. That’s how everyone likes to keep rolling. But what happens when the balance starts to tilt in the low zone more than in the high zone. It’s when things don’t go right, stuff like no promotions or hikes, not able to pay dues, partner troubles, family worries, lack of ideas or even bad hair days.

This is when you can stop and say if it isn’t going right? Let me take a Left.

What’s a ‘Left’? A left here is a deviation. A deviation from what was planned, prescribed, preached, practiced. Times have tendency to move, and we move along with it. But what we don’t realize is when we are on a routine, we are not moving, instead we keep coming back to the same place. So if your obit got hurdles take on a new orbit or at least a detour via route ‘Left’.

like… Unable to pay rent? Go stay with your parents for a while or call over a friend to share the rent.

Fighting over an issue with your partner. Call him and ask if he knows the storyline of marvel Infinity war would be. Or who’s gonna be the ‘Prince that was promised’ (Obviously, It’s John Snow). Spend minutes or hours on something totally unrelated to what you were fighting on. After sometime either of you won’t go back to find whose fault was it…

Not everything clicking at the workplace? Stuff not going the way they always did for you? GO watch a play in the nearby theater. who knows your creative side is asking for a meal of it’s own.

Going left will not only relieve you of your worries but it’s show you areas that you missed everyday when you were going right.

So sometimes when you are down, don’t try to lift yourself. Instead lie down and rest. Go left!

p.s: it’s riskfree to go left, as you can always come back to right since it is ‘right’. Right?

Tell me you try it too!