Yeah! Medium fixed it.

Finally the Claps work as they suppose to. They are not likes they are CLAPS.

Day 1, i saw the clap functionality and i told myself, what!!! This is not how i clap, I mean you never clap once when you like an opera or love your kid’s performance at kindergarten. A round of applause (as they say) is made of several enthusiastic claps.

Medium chose the right word, it’s a Clap (which an artist die for). Writers and Bloggers are artist, they describe or rather portray what they feel, do or achieve. So they deserve a Clap, so Medium was right when it said it has to be a Clap and not a Like. But the mode of expression was wrong, i mean i’ve seen my friends loving an article on Medium and pressing the clap button once. Why? You ‘Clap’ like that in front of an artist and you’ll get a ‘Slap’.

So thanks medium for releasing it early and fixing it so well. Claps!

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