How your perception changes with time

Do you know what the best thing about being a child was? Some might say that it’s all the fun you have, all the toys you can play with, not having to work. But really, for me, it all boiled down to one thing: I had no worries.

There was literally nothing major that I had to be concerned with: I went to school, I learned, I played, I came back home, there was food on the table, both my parents were there to help me with whatever I needed, whenever I needed it, through thick and thin. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate to such a family environment. And yet, sometimes, I would complain. About what? The toy that I wanted that I didn’t get, the movie that I wanted to see that I wasn’t allowed to, the games I wanted to play that mom and dad didn’t have time to play with me. I complained…

How could I? How is it possible that I didn’t have the perception that I had a near perfect life? That I had everything I needed and more? And most of all, how did my parents cope with this constant feeling of dissatisfaction from their offspring while working as hard as possible so that I could have everything. How is it possible that only much later in life I realized what an insufferable brat I was at times? That all those no’s were not said out of spite, but simply because they either felt that I shouldn’t be allowed to have everything I wanted, or simply because they just couldn’t afford it!

Looking back on those days brings heartache and regret. I can’t help feeling that they deserved a better son that showed them unconditional love constantly. Hope I’m making up for it now.