Slack and how I fixed my Slacker

I love Slack and so does my team, most of them…fine all but one. LEON! Leon won’t check Slack like ever, I asked him to fix his notification so he would get ones from me, that didn’t seem to work. Leon is a freelancer and most businesses owners would just let go a contractor who will not play by their rules. Normally I would do just that but besides being a friend (That complicates it) He is an amazing WordPress coder and simply put he makes me money. I found myself sending him a Slack message and then following that up with a text message. Little redundant if you ask me, not to mention pointless too. So this is how I fixed it, don’t get excited you will probably be disappointed with my ghetto fix once you get to the end of the article.

If Slack won’t work what will?

I’m not quitting Slack I don’t care what you say. I needed Slack to work for me and Leon. The solution seemed simple enough I needed Slack to send a text message to Leon with out me having any extra work. A little Googling I found a couple solutions

So in order to try to save myself 10 seconds of time I spent hours looking through these options (redundant? I know right!)

  • IFTTT SMS to Slack | IFTTT does SMS to Slack but there is no option to go the other way. FAIL
  • Sinch Send SMS from Slack | This would totally work but it was to much work for me to set up. Set up an account, add credits to your account, download the code from GitHub and host it somewhere, BLAH BLAH BLAH. That was too much work (Pick you battles right, I’m ornery can’t help it)So while it could have worked it was not the ghetto fix I was looking for. Fail
  • Tropo Super Simple SMS Notifications to Slack | All you have to do is set up the Tropo app 11 steps, then set up Slack another 11 steps, finally test the integration 5 steps. Easy enough right? BAHAHAHAHA, yeah sign my lazy ass up for all that extra work. Fail
  • Zapier Integrate Slack and SMS | Wait I already use Zapier to automate some Teamwork to Slack notifications. I already know how to use thing and without reinventing the wheel I decided this was the way to go. Winner

Walkthrough my ghetto (solution)

Step one found me with a roadblock I almost gave up on (You can tell I was really driven, huh?) Picking a trigger left me with almost no solution.

WTH am I supposed to do with this?

Thats when it got ghetto fast, in order to use Zapier to send SMS to Leon when I needed him to check Slack I had to select Starred Messages. Any other choice would just be overly irritating and generally unnecessary.

Integrate your Slack account and you’re on to the setting up your “Action” as Zapier calls them.

What they have built in sms service (and it’s free)

It really does not get better than that, they have a built in, free SMS and calling service.

On a roll, up until the phone number verification part.

Now we are down right slumming this work around

Thankfully I added Leon’s number and told him to send me the pin he just got texted to him. He is so trusting he sent it right over and it was all down hill from there.

Add your sent from number and message

Adding the number that the text message will be sent from and the message you want it to send to and your done.

Thats it, its that simple

Now I star a message

Then Leon will get a SMS once my Zap’s run again (within 15 minutes)

I’m relentless!

So you can see that this would not be a solution, if you had multiple Leon’s but for my Slack Slacker it’s a perfect ghetto fix. I spent a couple hours figuring this out to save myself 1o seconds every couple days.

Did it pay off?

Well here is the math the way I see it

  • I worked for 2 hours to figure out a fix = 7,200 seconds
  • Saves me 10 seconds per SMS @ 4ish a week =40 Seconds per week
  • 7'200 sec / 40 sec a week = 180 weeks until this pays for itself!

So yeah timewise no


it’s F*cking cool so yeah it totally paid off!

Leon is a PIMA and I would’t be able to do my job without him.

You can find Leon Shelhamer on Twitter @francismhwhite1 or

He’s not good at Slack but his is a WordPress E-Commerce and Back end Genius, so he makes up for it.

If you got this far you are either in awe, in disbelief of my epic waste of time (Again) or both. So comment and tell me what you think.