The Perfect Evernote Replacement

A letter of apology.

I remember it like it was yesterday We were at lunch Bryan turned his phone toward me in slow manically pronounced syllables “You’re not going to like this!”. We share the same passion for technology and stay up to date on the latest tech news, oh btw he was right, I was pissed! It was an email from Evernote.

Who the F! do they think they are

Ok so I have been an EN junkie since beta. I have grown to love it, nay need it. It has been a perfect solution to store and find everything. I’ve used it for code snippets, blog drafts, user manuals, PDF’s, client notes, workouts, recipes, what type of oil I need for my cars, You get the point I can store anything in there. The search functions are great too, I can take a picture of text and EN can search for text inside that. Lets ignore the fact that’s some voo-doo next level shit for now. I love Evernote, a lot of other people do too. So they need to make a change how bad can it be…


You are kidding right? You dare limit my device usage? Who do you think you are? No one limits my device usage. It’s always about the money. So started my journey screw you EN I’m leaving! Time to Google some alternatives cause I know I’m not the only one level 9 purple pissed at this. Here are the three big heavy hitters (I know there are other choices, for the purpose of this post it’s these three. Just let it go)


This one is a Microsoft product and it does just about everything EN does web clippy tool upload different types of docs notes ETC. I even used this a long time ago in place far, far away, when Windows was still part of my life. So why not Onenote? Really? It’s a Microsoft product. Remember? I already said it. So this one is no replacement.


A Google product that is very similar to post-it notes. It’s cute but very limited in it’s capabilities. If you want to keep a large amount of small notes, this is a winner. Oh you wanted a full feature Evernote replacement? This is not it.


Owned currently by the makers of WordPress, thats cool right? Sexy cross platform note taking, free app. It looks like it even does a little version control which is an awesome feature. Unfortunately it just takes notes, it is not a bad ass multifunction tool with more stuff you could use or want to use. Cool? Yes, EN replacement? NO

This is a sad loop I found myself in, nothing I found could replace Evernote the way I wanted to use it. I remembered a while back EN had a slight reduction in workorce 13% I was worried about it then and thought about changing services. They have not gone out of business yet but they want my money. Get in line EN!

You want my money, what do I get

Lightbulb moment — I have a tool that does all this stuff already and it’s FREE.

Let me introduce you to Evernote!

Yeah, bet you didn’t think I was going there? 4-rizzle let’s break this down.

I can have EN on 2 devices, I only use it on two devices, and if I use the web version it does not count as a device. If I am without my devices I can use any computer to sign in and it’s still free. I love Evernote. It does everything that I want and need. I have never paid for EN and I still don’t have too? Wait…I’ve been a real dick here, Evernote is a business that has been giving me everything I want. So what if they need to change their business model. It does not even effect me. Even if I did need the payed features SO WHAT stop being a dick and pay them. For a guy who pays hundreds of dollars a month for software why am I bitching over a tool that I love and endorse cause they need a few bucks a month!

Dear my fav Elephant,

I am sorry, I was selfish. My heart belongs to you and only you. Please forgive my stupid ways and let me continue to upload to your databases of perfection.


Evernote now and forever!