You’re not a martyr, stop forcing your “Christmas”

Before I begin, let me say, as to foresee your question I am a “Christian”. I have read most of the bible, I’ve listened to all of it and I believe most of it. I’m prepared for the fallout that will be my Facebook feed come the morning as some of my Christian friends will debate some of the points I am about to make and the support of my non Christian friends will give. This is not about choosing sides but showing grace to everyone.

We are allowed by our governmental freedoms in America to worship whom or whatever we would like. Personally I think this allows us to option be more worldly then other countries that force one belief or worse, punishment for non believers. Lets sit on that for a moment, we are allowed to love our God in whatever form that is. Whether that means Christ, Mohammad, mother nature, science or no god at all we are given that right. However we are not given the right to hate others for not believing in “Your God”. That brings us the the point of this post.

Happy Holidays!

That is the “politically correct” version of what we are told to say when dealing with customers or in general conversation. After all it is better not to say anything offensive, right? Here is the hang up I have found in the Christian community, some of us are offended that “Merry Christmas” is not the regulatory verbiage. Now we come to a proverbial fork in the road. The idea behind Christianity is to become a disciple in Christ and to help spread the love. My question is where is love, when we are so quick to anger at “Happy Holidays”? We are surrounded be people that have different beliefs than our own, when we bark about putting Christ back in Christmas are we really showing the love of Christ? Are we showing love when we are offended be people who have different beliefs than our own?

It seems everyone celebrates this holiday season in someway shape or form, do they have to celebrate Christmas like you in order for you to give your blessing? What if they celebrate Chanukah? Does that make them less than you or better? We are all equals we are humans, if we turn our goals to love and grace then these two words or lack there of should not be offense to us.

So my challenge to you is simple, understand that while we may not bow to the same God or bow at all that we are all human and we should treat each other as such. As you prepare for your celebrations remember that our difference make us unique not less then one another.

Cheers to you on this wonderful holiday season may your blessing be many and plentiful.

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