Your brand is as good as the marketing you keep alive

We are living at an age in which your customer is deluged by so many products and promises that he becomes swamped in confusion and indecision.

An age in which countless businesses will either accept the challenge of an information-glutted society or be destroyed by it.

If your customers don’t want it even free is never cheap enough. So the wise men said.

I’m awe struck by the number of business owners looking to grow their businesses “fast” but can’t invest in proper marketing channels. Gone are the days when only the big boys could afford buying adverts for their businesses. With the advent of online ads, even small businesses are reaping huge benefits in this unfamiliar game.

In fact, you will be surprised that small businesses are doing better online than medium enterprises. The corporates are bank rolling marketing agencies to get this game right by any means.

The biggest challenge working with Kenyans is that they want you to start off their project today and get them the results and benefits yesterday.

My point is; your business needs to get a jab of the best marketing services. Your brand needs to come more to life. Your brand needs to connect with consumers beyond the point of buy and sell. Your brand needs to make consumers feel a connection. I know to most of you, business is about survival — it’s about looking over to see whether you can survive tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be that way. Keep good marketing for your brand a top priority and you will see what will come out of it.

Business owners need to think of marketing as a large umbrella that covers many different facets of getting your message out there, from direct sales, advertising and public relations, to content creation and brand awareness.

Reason #1 — Increase Awareness

By raising awareness of your brand, it plants it into the mind of your consumer, highlighting the product or service and its benefits. In this way, you will build a huge base of potential customers that will reach out to your brand in the future when they require to make use of it.

Reason #2 — Make More Sales

Let’s face it — it you don’t get the message out there, then who will know about your business or what it offers. Savvy entrepreneurs make full use of the opportunities that are created when they market their business and this in turn drives sales. Investigate which methods best suit your business and make full use of them.

Reason #3 — Make Customers Trust You

Nowadays, people buy people — not products or services. As such it stands to reason that if you hear about a product or service from somebody you trust, you are more likely to make use of it. The more well known your company becomes through marketing, the more people will trust you. To build trust takes time, so the earlier you start the better and the longer you have to build a solid relationship with your market. Once they have formed a bond with your brand — they will respond positively to whatever you have to sell or offer, in the future.

Reason #4 — Learn Your Marketplace

Marketing like anything is a process, but one that opens you to the reality of your industry. You will discover different communities, different connections and subcultures that will allow you to market even better for those categories. With marketing you will also discover why customers chose you and what they actually need and respond to — opening huge new opportunities for your business to grow.

Reason #5 — Develop Your “Ideal Customer Profile Or Persona”

There are customers out there waiting to do business with you — marketing allows them to find you. Its crucial to build up a database of marketing information that allows you to determine who your market is, what your market needs and then provide the solutions / products to answer those needs.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in what marketing can mean for your business, providing it’s done correctly. The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign you develop and implement is to bring your market to your door, every time — not the competition’s.

Have a great one!

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