Rick Springfield on his new album, creativity, and white sharks

Rick at his home studio talking about a song on his new album “Rocket Science.”

Musician, actor, and best-selling author Rick Springfield has recorded his 18th studio album titled “Rocket Science.” His latest work delivers a familiar pop-rock feel with the addition of some country elements mixed in. “Rocket Science” will be released on February 19th and is available for pre-order now. During a recent visit to his native Australia, Springfield generously agreed to answer some questions about his home recording studio, creativity and inspiration, tour plans, white-shark cage diving, and more.

Kimberley Nolder: Regarding your home studio, the Black Lagoon (love that name), do you ever have a hard time being creative close to your “home” environment (household responsibilities, etc.) or is it a kind of sanctuary for you?

Rick Springfield: Since most of songs are written at home it feels very normal to continue the process in the studio at home. Plus, when I’m done late at night and can go to bed without having to drive home first, THAT is cool. The studio is also where my great dog Gomer used to go and hide on the 4th of July so he couldn’t hear all the fireworks, so yes, it is a sanctuary.

KN: Do you feel more creative when you are touring or traveling? Are you inspired by new places and experiences?

RS: Yes, definitely, but when it comes to songs I usually wait to get home before the ideas coalesce. Writing prose is easier on the road thanks to the mighty and highly addictive computer laptop thingy.

KN: Is it hard for you to take a break, or go on a vacation, without feeling like you need to write a new song or work on a book? You seem to be a very driven guy.

RS: Yes, I wrote about that in the liner notes (yes lineur notes) of the new CD “Rocket Science.” I was away on a rare vacation in Tahiti and couldn’t really relax ’til I’d written something which I did (“Light This Party Up” is on the new CD) Its hard for me to just sit still and do nothing. That’s where wine comes in.

KN: In your career, is there something more that you want to accomplish even if it is on a path other than music? Will you continue to write books?

RS: Yes I am working on other writing projects. It’s a great way to use free time like plane rides, car rides, hotel stays and vacations in Tahiti. And yes, there are paths other than music although I’ll probably never give up on songwriting. It’s a natural thing that I gravitate towards.

KN: Will the sequel to “Magnificent Vibration” be out soon?

RS: Hahaha. I don’t know. I’m into it but have hit the rewrite process, as well as doing other things, so I guess it’ll be ready when its ready. I’m always thinking about it so in a way I am always working on it. I think that’s the enjoyable thing about writing. You can do it in your head while your reading other stuff or even sleeping.

KN: Since moving to the United States and realizing so many of your dreams, hit records, best-selling books, star on the Walk of Fame, etc., did the U.S. turn out to be all you thought it would when you were younger? Were certain things much more difficult than you anticipated?

RS: Everything was more difficult than I thought. But the States is everything and more than I thought. My life is here, my family, my friends, and my work. When I came I wasn’t sure how long the stay would be. Have I overstayed my welcome? Let me know.

KN: Do you look forward to the fan getaway as a true vacation or is it more work than vacation (or a little bit of both)?

RS: No it’s not a vacation but it is more fun than doing regular gigs. But I’m on and working 24/7 and although it’s very relaxed and free form there are still moments when I would love to just lie down and sleep. But that comes after the 5 days. It is pretty unique in what it is. It is a complete fan experience where I hang with everyone for the whole 5 days and nights. Different shows, surprises, guests and of course my buddy Doug Davidson who keeps everyone in hysterics!!

KN: “Rocket Science” hasn’t even become available yet but it already has some great fan reviews for the songs you have played on tour and were pre-released. Are you happy with the preliminary feedback so far?

RS: I am. I love that fans are still interested in new music from me. I love writing and its great to get positive feedback because I’m basically an insecure ball of negative emotions and self-doubt. SO it helps.

KN: Are you planning a tour to promote “Rocket Science?” Will you try to tour Australia any time soon?

RS: Yes, we are hitting the road in February when it’s released. I’m actually answering these questions from Australia and am an hour away from meeting my new agent rep here in Oz. Hopefully it will go well.

KN: And finally, have you gone white-shark cage diving yet?

RS: No, but I will, I will, I will. I just haven’t found the time or a buddy who has the balls to go with me. It’s supposed to be a pretty hairy ride.

Get more information about “Rocket Science” and tour details at http://rickspringfield.com. You can also follow Springfield on Facebook and Twitter.