I’m spending most of the time meeting people nowadays and understanding every piece of doing business. Well this is all entrepreneurship is all about: learning from every person you meet, networking and moving forward with your dream.

It’s more peaceful to listen to few special people who have overthrown their weaknesses and achieved their dreams in their life. A kind of comeback against all the odds, showing the world that nothing is impossible. They may not be born special or have qualities to hit the ground running from the day one of their life but they have the will to bring out best from hard work.

I met this girl who was not even able to pronounce some words correctly in her early school days, sort of Articulation disorder. Kids with this issue have difficulty with the mouth and tongue movements needed to make certain speech sounds. Their speech errors include substituting one sound for another. For example, they may say wabbit instead of rabbit. They may distort a sound, such as lisping when they say s. Or they may add or delete sounds in different words. She had a love for poetry and She was in class II when the auditions for a recital were announced and she prepared the poem with all her dedication and hard work. The next day when she was on the stage facing 100 odd students in front of her, without any nervousness, she began and everyone just started laughing at her. The line from “Dekho Koyal Kali Hai” became “Detho Toyal Tali Hai”. She was asked to get off the stage the same time. Confidence shattered, cried the whole day and faced the jokes from fellow class mates. A small girl with so much to face at that age was tough.

This was not the end. The will in that small girl at that early age was just mind blowing. She used to wake up early in the morning, read out aloud in front of her father before going to school.Everyday. Everyday she burnt in that fire. And after 6 years, she finally conquered the mountain, went on the stage and made her first recital. That was just the beginning. She never looked back after that. She kept at it. Debates. Speeches. Drama. Poetry. Everything.Even started taking PDP sessions. Eventually, became a public speaker.

Its a problem faced by a number of kids in their early age, they also grow and things go well, but the way this girl showed the maturity in her early age and the way she went on to shut the people who questioned and humiliated her. That’s a comeback.

I was quiet the whole conversation and listening to every word of her. So fluent and clear in her voice. I was so inspired by her confidence and the hard work she did to reach where she is now. Just one word, “wow”.