The Internet of Things needs a few SMACS
Scott Jenson

Great article Scott, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially on the eve of Apples announcements tomorrow. I am admittedly biased toward Apple products because they basically are the infrastructure of my home network and business. While I am excited to see how Home Kit will integrate with my Apple TV, iPads, iPhone and computers, I’m with you on this tech being rather underutilized, but like all new products to market, consumers learn what they really want and are willing to pay for. Ideas and designs will be fleshed out over time, but it’s the infrastructure, the glue, the basis of the tech that has to be great right out of the gate to build a successful platform on. Bringing this awareness of possibilities over “making coffee” to light will create more exciting ideas. Just look at Philips with the Hue combined with an app called Ambify to make your lights responsive to your iTunes library. To me that’s creating a “UX” in “Real Life”. UX Design for the home, creating scenes, automation, could even open up a whole new revenue stream for designers. Thank you for the article.

Nathan Key