2017 Performance Review : Donald Trump

Does Not Meet Expectations/Poor Fit

Feedback is hard. ( AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Donald is still new-to-role, however there are early and strong indicators for future performance. Overall, there is a steep learning curve for Donald to conquer and it is important that he prioritize his development in order to be able to achieve results at his level.


Confidence: Donald has long demonstrated confidence in all arenas. It is important for Donald to appreciate that confidence, or overconfidence, can be interpreted in different situations and by different audiences as smug or bellicose. I suggest modulating the confidence Donald projects in order to achieve stronger results in relationship and consensus building.

Bias Towards Action: Feedback is consistent among peers and partners that Donald leans strongly towards action and consistently demonstrates leveraging this momentum to further his narrative of choice. It is important that Donald balance his impulse to act with the long term planning, collaboration, and spell-checking required in order to formulate comprehensive plans that can both appeal to a broad audience as well as sustain the transition from conception to action.


Inclusion: There is consistent feedback that Donald does not seeks out a balanced, diverse set of opinions as he formulates strategy. This has resulted in one-dimensional “solutions”; see Executive Orders, All, Gag Orders on Science. Additionally, the language he uses, even when spelled correctly, is perceived as divisive and biased towards a narrow audience; see Tweets, Tweets, Holocaust Remembrance Statement. This unnecessarily alienates stakeholders which can result in resistance to Donald’s ideas; see Women’s March, Scientists and Park Employees Revolt, Congress members demonstrating a spine, see, see, see. Donald would benefit from integrating wider array of ideas and leveraging the expertise available to him. Because he’s the fucking President.

Cross Group Collaboration: Related, but distinct from inclusion, Donald has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to create relationships with those whose opinions may differ from his. See Internet. Additionally, it is not clear that Donald values “best in class” ideas. See Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, Tweets, Tweets. Rather, he is seen as optimizing for the inputs of a subset of colleagues who lack subject matter expertise or a demonstrated track record. See Steve Banon, Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump. Donald should consider that this will contribute to sub-optimal results and will damage his reputation and credibility.

Interpersonal Awareness: Hoo boy. Donald does not demonstrate the desire to understand other people, except as it relates to his own ego. See Remarks on African American History Month, Remarks on Women’s March. He could benefit from asking questions to understand others’ concerns, behaviors, and perspectives. Additionally, attention to reading body language, facial expressions and/or tone of voice would facilitate a stronger understanding of those around him. There is considerable feedback to indicate that he consistently demonstrates an inability to focus on others, consistently re-orienting conversations around himself and his television ratings. See Twitter, any public speaking opportunity, such as National Prayer Breakfast, Interview with The Times, Address at CIA. Rather than introducing himself as the subject of discussion, Donald should capitalize on these opportunities to demonstrate curiosity about others. Literally anyone else.

Resilience: Consistent feedback indicates that Donald dwells on failures and is incapable of moving past these set-backs. See Lies about Losing the 2016 Popular Vote, Lies on Inauguration Turnout, any criticism. Rather than projecting anger and blame outwards, Donald would benefit from channeling this emotion into restorative practices and using these set-backs as learning opportunities. Additionally, these behaviors will continue undermine his leadership by destroying key relationships. If Donald does not develop effective coping mechanisms, there could be significant long term emotional consequences. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. I suggest Donald explore mindfulness, perhaps achieved through a practice of meditation.

In summary, while Donald may be seeing, or at least touting successes with his current strategies, he is unlikely to generate the long term support for continued success. It would not be too early to consider other positions, such as Multi-Level Marketing Founder/Executive, Late Night Cable Access Personality (similarly Fox News “Expert”), or Full-Time Kremlin operative.