I wish I could stay here, just the way I am. I wish to be glad to be able to smile. I wish I can walk a thousand miles and not break a sweat. And then read my favorite book for the first time. I wish that the supermarket I go never runs out of the snacks I like. I wish I had been just 2 inches taller. Be able to find the things I am looking to find. I wish I had found the time to learn to ride a motorcycle. I wish there were more stars in the sky and that I lived in the 15th floor and just had to climb one floor of stair to reach there. I wish I can console someone when it is needed. I wish I had taken all the right steps till now. Maybe Emma Watson calls out my name. I wish I find a song I can always listen to. Learn to speak French. Find the girl who gives a damn. I wish to be content with what I have and be able to share. I wish fishes could talk. Maybe teach Gandhi to rap. I wish to be able to cry. Call up my father anytime. I wish not to be afraid of that building with the four antennas. I wish i was better at Candy Crush and that my water bottle never runs out of water. I wish to know what is real. And then call up a friend from second grade and talk like nothing has changed. And write the letter I always wanted to. May be to know if u get the point. And I wish you could read this with the song I am listening to. And may be the duck never quacked. And to know if it matters to know and say thanks to all those who give a damn, and curse everyone who set the bar too damn high. Maybe you read till the end. I wish I can write a song, wrap it up and play fetch with the dog I wish I had.i wish you really get it.