The Slaves

There was a small vessel on the sea, you couldn’t see it really well because it is very small. This night was the worst night in our life,was snowing and raining. Women were forced to cook, some children were forced to clean the shoes. The mens were forced to carry the heavy things around the boat.

We couldn’t see the rain or the snow because we were in the bottom of the ship. Blood, feces and sweat were everywhere. We were seating in the darkness, no light, nothing for us to eat or to drink. My friend was about to die, they took his lunch because he was trying to beat a European man up. I have some of my lunch I save it for him. Now I can’t give it to him, but I will later.

“ Hey!! What is that in your hand?” yelled the Europeans.
‘ Oh! Nothing important.” inquire Neo as he was hiding the food behind his back. 
“ Hey! Show me or you wouldn’t have a lunch tomorrow” said the European. 
“ Okay I will, but before you will promise me that if I show you, you will give back to me” Neo said softly. 
“ No I wouldn’t give it to me right now!” yelled the European. 
“ NO!! I wouldn’t give to you and if you want to beat me up I don’t care” barked Neo. 
“ Take him out of here and wait until I come” yelled the European. 
They beat him up like he was an animal. They beat him up by petting his head under the water for 20 seconds every 25 seconds. They use the rope to attach him by the hands but upside down. The next day mens were working from the morning until 12 o’clock at the midnight without eating nothing except drinking water 2 times at the day.

“ We got tired we need a break! We need to sleep!” Yelled out Neo as he was falling down. No one listened to him from the Europeans. When the other slaves heard him they started to shout out

“ We need a break! We need a break!!”. Yelled the other slaves.

“ What do you want? Asks one of the European.

“ We need food, cloth, break and even we need to sleep” shout out the slaves.

The Europeans laugh out loud “ huhuh!! What did you say? I couldn’t hear you! Ha ha.

“ They way he said it makes me feel like nothing, “ slaves, you are a slave”. Neo said to himself as he was thinking about way to escape.

It is 2 o’clock, the Europeans get tired, they all slept but we don’t.
“There were three of us wanna try to escape. Me, Neo, Sam is my best friend and Khean is Sam’s brother. We stop working and we went inside to know how we will escape.
“ The three of us said the best way to plane in the sea is by jumping into the water”. But we were afraid a little bit because of the nets on the sides of the boat they were sleeping on each other like an animal’s. The sounds that they were making were making us laugh on them because they were snoring so loud. 
Sam whispers to me” let’s go that way the way that always there 3 nets”. We were walking so slowly on our feet toes so they couldn’t hear us walking. We were about to jump and some of the Europeans move but he was still sleeping. 
“ Oh! Thanks god He didn’t see us” whisper Khean.

We jump on the sea no one heard us because we jump slowly and we can’t even hear each other. After one minute swimming we hear one of the Europeans shout out They are escaping! they are escaping!!. They took out their guns and we start to swim faster and faster. The first shot they fired hit the water and it hit a fish that was swimming in the sea. Now I am you are asking yourself why? Because the second shot hit Neo my friend died in the second shot. Me and my brother Khean who still were alive. We still remember Neo every time we swim. We went to our house in Africa. They were surprised because we escaped and finally came back. Neo’s family asks us about him, but we said that we were so sorry because their son try to escape with us but he got shot in his head and died.

Your son was the brave man in the ship.
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