Micro-Team Update

Currently in Innovation Class, we have been assigned teams to collaborate with. The following is a briefing on some of the projects we are working on together and individually. Overall, by creating a “Micro-Team” we hope too contribute multiple view-points to our individual projects to improve quality and make our ideas marketable, fun, and entertaining for multiple groups of people.


Currently we are building the first ever High School eSports team in the United States. We currently have a Counterstrike and a League of Legends team. Our goal is to break the stereotypes of gamers, our team will not be treated like a club. Our players will workout regularly and have grade checks, much like any other high school sports team. Follow our Twitter: @NHSESPORTS


Currently, I am bringing online education to third world countries. I am specializing in junior high and high school courses. My goal is to be able to provide online education and in the process, help improve schools in these third world countries.


I am working on a podcast as of right now. The show is about connecting the audience with those involved in outdoor activities and adventure-sports. Overall, the goal of the show is to encourage others to get outside, get active, and have fun. I am involved in audio editing as of now, but to describe the generalities of the show the first guest was a marathon runner and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker and the second guest was a cyclist and bike fitter. I hope to get some finished products out within the next week. If you are reading this and have any recommendations about the show or ideas for people I should have on the show contact me: outdoorinsightspodcast@gmail.com