A Simple Cold Wallet Reference Spec

The keypad interactive design

Where is it?


What’s this all about?

This is part of my work while I left my last job, a friend’s company got order and need someone can do project management and hardware+software design, then this spec come out as part of the initial process.

What’s included?

A good starting point if you want to do similar project, can take it as reference document — just let me know if you feel this is useful and support you on your development phase.


The document briefly describes high level hardware, software and functional specification for cold wallet product code name Version One.

Version One’s market position target for crypto currency trader and owner who seeking for high secure, physical hardware secured wallet to store different types (max. To 5 for now, TBD) crypto currencies, the device with screen and navigation buttons to display and process transaction once connect with laptop, pc or mobile devices.

Why you share this out?

Well, I have a new job on May 2018, and the main focus is not on hardware wallet anymore, my friend move to 2nd generation wallet development alone, we all good so share this out trying to help other people.

Wish you enjoy the read.