Noodle for breakfast, Taiwanese style

A short story about breakfast with noodle in downtown Taipei.

If you ask a random Taipei people which kind of noodle for lunch or dinner, “Beef noodle” should be the high frequency type of recommendation, Sichuan style spicy one like Yong-Kang beef noodle or clean soup…multiple choices.

Spicy beef noodle from Yong-Kang beef noodle

How about breakfast? any good place for breakfast in Taipei? here is one place you can visit on early morning and enjoy the view, don’t get me wrong, when I say the view it is not like the harbor view in Singapore, it is more like everyday morning street view in your home town or any place in south Taiwan street, like below.

The spicy source and chopstick holder, on the outside table.

What’s most important is the food itself, the noodle, “Dry noodle” if you complete follow the local term (and translate into English in a funny way) with vintage with green onion make the noodle tasty.

And don’t forget the soup, it come with fish meat ball and an egg.

Your morning in Taipei will not complete without the noodle — till noon.

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