I am a nigerian with ideals and i am proud to say that i value the customs and traditions of my tribe or ethnicity . The Big Brother Nigeria Show 2017 aired by Multichoice Nigeria has generated a lot of controversy among the population with many nigerians and africans calling for the show to be banned because they feel it displays content that do not portray african values .

It must however be put to bed that this is not the first time the game show is being held in the continent . if Multichoice are smart and business -oriented enough to engage in this show and retain viewership and also earn cool cash , then i must applaud the company . Business is all about creativity and the right content and ensuring customers get value for exchange of goods and service . The Satelite TV station put measures in place to ensure that viewers are restricted and be controlled ,so what is the fuss about ? The Big Brother Show is a game of intellect and interactions as a result of communication and ‘soliary confinement’ . If customers are not being exploited and end up tuning the channel each day , then its DSTV and its bet to lose .