How To Live Your Best Life

You say the truth sets you free until it’s you who has to be confronted with it.

You run away from it cause it makes you search within and see yourself for who you truly are.

Your dirt scares you, doesn't it?

I understand.

But you'll have to accept your good, bad and ugly. Especially the ugly.

That's the only way you can be truly free.

Free to fight it or become it.

Free to soar or sink.

Free to finally be YOU.

Reckless. Unhinged. Unapologetic.

What say you, my darling?

Are you going to continue living a lie or are you gonna finally let yourself be?

Because getting your shit together requires such a deep level of honesty with yourself.

Talk soon, my friend.


To truly get over the one (you think) you want,

you’ll have to grieve them, my darling.

You’ll deny it at first.

You did everything right.

Maybe they just misunderstood you. They probably just had a bad day.

Or bad advice.

You’ll get angry.

If they were just gonna leave you high and dry, why did they lead you on in the first place?

You’ll bargain.

You’ll try to try to convince them to feel for you what (you think) you feel for them.

You’ll play the fool because maybe if they see you in your vulnerability, it will trigger…

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?”

It took me a while to grow up because I was scared I’d never survive on my on.

For reasons, which i have a few theories about, I never thought I’d be good enough to scale through job interviews.

I was a smart kid. Smartest in the family. Top 10 till uni. 12 distinctions in JSCE, 8A1s in WAEC.

So, why?

An old friend once asked me if I ever considered myself the smartest person in any room I’m in and I said no. He looked at me truly shocked. …

Wasn’t it Socrates who said “the only thing that I know is that I know nothing”?

My dad will always say “Chidinma you’re so arrogant.”

When I was younger, I’d never study for an exam.

Lucky (or unluckily 🤷🏼‍♀️) for me I’m very smart, so all I needed was to sit in class and listen to pass my exams.

Basically skated(read skating) through life doing the barest minimum.

Got me through primary school, I was on the honour roll through out. What was I studying for exactly?

Took this same attitude to secondary school and never made honour roll.


I went to Enugu recently to interview my friend and the most sought after hair care specialists in her town, @olivetreehairclinic and the one behind my amazing hair.

Because of who I am as a person, I didn't book my ticket to my mum's village early enough from ABC. When i got there, my two fave sit positions (2 & 15 cause you know how it be for us tall people)were taken.

I had to settle for number 14 and the hope of begging to switch with who was in 15.

Fast forward to this morning, @Haroldslandscape drops me off…

With over 2 billion internet users, where can small business owners go to find potential customers for their product? Thanks to online communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, it’s pretty easy to reach your target audience while they are going about their daily lives.

According to Hubspot; “Facebook captures about 10% of all internet visits, with visitors spending an average of 28 minutes on the site. Even more revealing 50% of Facebook Fans prefer brand pages to company websites.”

So you’re probably wondering if you should give up on your website and focus on Facebook as your business hub…

Are you debating whether your small business should invest time on Twitter?

Do you wonder how Twitter can help your business?

If you run a small business and aren’t using Twitter, I have to ask, why not? It seems that just about everyone else on the planet with access to the web or a smart phone is.

By being an active part of the Twitter community and sharing the right mix of content, you can reach a larger audience, generate more leads and become the go-to source when customers are ready to buy.

Forty-seven percent of people who follow a…

I talked to a few business owners who ran their own social media account and was surprised to find out they post to their social media individually and wait for a particular time to post too.

As much as adding the personal touch to your social media marketing is paramount, automating your posts is also very important.

Automation is key to a well-planned social media strategy. It helps you save time, reduce workload, and be more efficient.

Running a business and managing your social media isn’t the easiest thing. …

We are our own worst enemy.

One of my earliest memories was when I was in nursery 2 or so. We were learning to read with one of those children books.

As the class was reading, the teacher called on me to read a paragraph myself.

I remember stalling a bit because I was so sure I couldn’t read. Then I opened my mouth and I actually read everything.

I still remember how surprised I was that I could actually read.

Recently , I decided not to pursue what I read in uni but focus on a completely different path.

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and get your business in front of your target audience. Managing multiple social media networks can be a very daunting task added to the daily chore of running your business. Knowing the best time to post to achieve optimum engagement will save you a lot of time in the long run.

By posting at the optimum time, you increase your engagement rate and organic reach.

It will be impossible to know the exact time but would be more effective to discover time frames. …

Nkemka C'merije

The Emancipation of Siobhan: An existential journey through the life of a young woman making it.

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