Bring Your Book To Life With Facebook Live

Using Facebook Live As A Marketing Tool For Your Book

Facebook Live, the live streaming feature that was released to the public earlier this year has no doubt, gathered momentum with Facebook confirming that users spend three times longer watching videos that are live as compared to those that are not.

As an author, you can properly utilize the feature and use it as an effective marketing tool to promote your book(s) and given the large platform that Facebook provides (over 1.3 billion active users daily), it goes without saying that it presents a huge potential audience.

Why Use Facebook Live?

There are several reasons why you should use Facebook Live; the first is audience size. As mentioned above, Facebook presents the largest (online) platform to market your product (which in this case is your book) to. Also, Facebook is promoting Live Videos currently, which means that its algorithms favor Live Videos more. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to reach more people than on you usually do on average.

Real-time engagement is another advantage of using Facebook live as you get to engage with your audience on-the-spot.

Real-time engagement is another advantage of using Facebook live as you get to engage with your audience on-the-spot. You get feedback about your book; you get questions, reply to people and more — all in an interactive manner. You can also generate a great audience size given the “Live subscribe” option, which lets people receive notifications whenever you’re live streaming.

Ways to Use Facebook Live Effectively

There are several creative ways to use Facebook Live effectively to engage your audience about your book.

One of the ways you can use Facebook Live effectively is by hosting a few book reviewers, preferably for your soon-to-be released book, in an interview-like session where they give their feedback/thoughts to the live audience. This can help to give them (your audience) a ‘feel’ of your book given the interactive pattern with which it is hosted.

Live streaming your book signing is another way to effectively use Facebook Live as it gives people who are not present at the book signing an inside look at the event. Also, this may increase the actual audience at your book signing given that Facebook offers a Facebook Live Map which lets people discover where people are live streaming from in real-time. You can also apply this to other book events you may be hosting (if any).

A fun yet effectively engaging method of using Facebook Live for a yet-to-be-released book is to stream a live video of showing work-in-progress such as you typing the work, revising it and more.

To get even better engagement from your audience, you can use Facebook Live in purely interactional and conversational ways without directly marketing your book. Creative ways to do this include (but are not limited to) discussing your (as well as your audience’s) favorite book, a recent event etc. — the list is endless.

For a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Facebook Live streaming, see this post by HubSpot.

What to Avoid

On the top of the list of what to avoid when live-streaming is making it a one-person show and not interacting with your audience. Given that one of the primary reasons why you’re live streaming is to get significant engagement from your audience, it’d be (self) destructive to not interact with viewers. While live-streaming, you can respond to questions from your audience (calling the names of people who have asked questions will help as well) in order to increase the interactivity.

Avoid monotony as much as possible in the pattern you live stream as this can easily bore your audience and make them lose interest (there are different ways to live stream, see them listed above).

If you’ve tried Facebook Live for marketing purposes, let us know how it went.