PDES 3715_Food Design Assignment 2 — Jessica Nkhata & Eric Renshaw


Our Picks
Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Cortland
From left to right: Honeycrisp , Granny Apple, Cortland

We enjoyed these three apples, each for different reasons. Honeycrisp for it’s crispness, Cortland for it’s richness and depth of sweetness, and Granny Smith for it’s sourness.

Idea Generation/Sketching

We approached idea generation focused on highlighting our memory of what we both have found most appealing about apples. We wanted each bite to be sour and fresh and provoke a mouth watering desire for another bite. We started off with a verbal exchange of ideas to find direction to explore flavor and texture for delivering on interpretation of a balanced, sour, perfect bite of apple. We brainstormed and drew out ideas to build upon. Our sketches, and brainstorming gave us direction in how to proceed with flavor while considering texture. Before this assignment, texture has typically been on the back-burner well flavor stands front and center. Our idea generation allowed us to find commonalities in flavor that we both were interested in exploring, until now, the unrealized texture.

Flavor Bouncing
Apple Cheese Ball, 3 Ways
Chili Cooling Sponge Cake with Apple Cider Refresh
Savory Wrapped Apple Cabbage Slaw
Spicy Sweet Tangy Jerk Wrap
Sour Wrapped Salad
Savory Apple Refresh Chew
Apple Cracker & Cheese
Bursting Unwrapped Apple Purse
Apple Salad
Salmon Waffle with Apple Cream


“Chocolate Molasses Yogurt Parfait”
Sodium Alginate Yogurt
Wine Apple Kompot
Chipotle Infused Chocolate
Bootstrap Molasses

We wanted to really challenge ourselves and each taste tester to have to think of what they were biting into. Plus, we wanted to run the gamut of texture. We wanted the crispness of the fresh diced granny apple to mess with the mild sweetness of the apple compote before the yogurt washed it down your throat. Here, constancy was the biggest obstacle. Both the form and the structure of the sphere couldn’t be relied on. The chocolate was flavored with Tabasco Chipotle. This worked well as a counterbalance to the yogurt. In summary, the spoon was fresh, hot, spicy, and cold.


“Fresh Apple Salad”
Granny Smith Apple, Balled and Diced
Fresh Arugula , chopped
Dehydrated Carrot
Chipotle Oil

We wanted to stay true to the ingredients. We agreed that a salad would be the best way to achieve this. Salad is best when it highlights raw ingredients and bring their flavors to the next level. We both enjoy pepper and wanted to explore that flavor via arugula. We mixed this with fresh carrot and the mouth watering sour apple.

Before we made arugula foam, we wanted to explore how dehydrated carrot, and Chipotle oil would mix with the fresh apple. We used Maltodextrin to dehydrate the Chipotle oil in hopes that it would give the tongue the idea that it was tasting a Chipotle crouton. In the end, there was a nice balance of flavors and texture. Although it was refreshing and savory, the Chipotle was uneven and didn’t fit within the layers.


Apple Sandwich “Cheese and Crackers”
24 Hr Dehydrated Apple
Bootstrap Molasses Whipped Cream
Pecan Powder
Smoked Sea Salt
Apple Kompot

Here is where we realized that a sour apple can be both savory and sweet while still delivering the expected burst of biting into a fresh apple. We wanted to use apple in as many ways as possible. The dehydrated apple acted as the cracker, or bread like component you would expect from a sandwich. The molasses whipped cream stands in for the creamy/saltiness of the meat, well, at the same time, lacking that mouth feel/chew that comes with a meat product. The whipped cream fits nicely in between the apple compote and the dehydrated apple. The cream created a salty and savory flavor, that was successful in fooling the tongue into believing there was a slice of protein there.


Sour Apple Amuse Bouche Twill
1 tsp. of smoked salt
1 Tbls of ground walnut
For the dehydrated apple:
1 Granny Smith Apple
For Apple Compote
3 Cortland Apples
4 cloves
½ Tbls lemon
Chili Oil
2 garlic cloves
1 cup of olive oil
1.5 tsp of chili flakes
Molasses Whipped Cream
1 tsp. of bootstrap molasses
4 oz. heavy whipped cream
Apple Salad
1 granny smith apple
12 whole arugula leaves
1 squeeze of lemon juice
Dehydrator Apple slices
Using a mandoline, slice the apple into ⅛ slices.
Lay slice in a single layer into a dehydrator set at 115 for 24hrs.
Apple Compote
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Using a mandoline, slice the apple into ⅛ slices.
And lay them in a single layer in a skillet.
Fill to cover with water.
Cover the surface of the apple with parchment paper and bring to a simmer for 5min.
Cover with foil and place in the oven for hour.
Let rest to room temp.
Whipped Cream
Place 4 oz. heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl and mix until the cream starts to form.
Add molasses to taste and continue to mix until cream forms slightly dense peaks.
Apple Salad
Dice 1 Granny smith apple.
Juliene 12 arugula leaves.
Toss apple with arugula and squeeze lemon to taste.
Chili Oil
Thinly slice garlic and add to oil to one cup of oil.
Add teaspoon of chili flakes
Bring to simmer for 3mins.
Let oil rest to room temp.
Assemble Twill
Cut dehydrated apple slices and compote to fit spoon. Place a thin layer of whipped cream onto dehydrated apple slice. Place compote on top. Next, place salad onto and drizzle oil over mixture and sprinkle 3 smoked salt crystals over each bite.