Useful reading to get incrementally smarter


1. Michael Nielsen on the use of spaced repetition to improve memory recall with minimal effort [Source: Twitter thread]

“The single biggest change is that memory is no longer a haphazard event, to be left to chance. Rather, I can guarantee I will remember something, with minimal effort: it makes memory a _choice_.”

2. The Sovereign Individual by Davidson and Rees-Mogg: Summary, Notes, and Lessons [Source: Nat Eliason]

“The next couple decades of technological advancements will give us unprecedented ability to live in ways that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago. This book outlines how tech will change the ways we live, especially relative to countries, and how we can take advantage of it.”

3. You will not be surprised by artificial intelligence [Source: Seth’s Blog]

“After the replacement, computers do some of these jobs better than we ever could, but, as they’re evolving, we take each of these perfections and advancements for granted. It’s too gradual to be awe-inspiring.
Our job now, isn’t to do our job. It’s to find new tasks, human tasks, faster than the computer takes the old ones away. Too often, people are displaced and then give up.
We can still add value, but we need to do it differently, more bravely, and with ever more insight.”

4. Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy. [Source: Cal Newport]

“Many people who excel in producing things that matter have work habits that seem downright lazy by the standards in their field.”

5. Character predicts your future [Source: Derek Sivers]

“it’s true that how you do anything is how you do everything. Your “character” or “nature” just refers to how you handle all the day-to-day things in life, no matter how small. And luckily, it’s completely under your control, and seems to be a great indicator of future success.”

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