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I have never disagreed with a list more than this one.

There are millions of stupid lists out there from various click bait sites, and this is unequivocally the worst. Subjectivity aside, you can’t honestly tell me with a straight face that Jack Reacher (I don’t have a lot of problems with the movie) is “Fine” while The Last Samurai is “Bad.”

When you compile a list of 40 movies, I think you should rewatch (or at least have watched) all 40 of them to refresh your memory and have a good understanding on all of them.

It felt like the writers of this article didn’t watch a lot of the movies they listed; and all they did was go onto IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Zergnet to do their “research.”

I really missed the Grantland days where they write up informative and profound essays instead of these HelloGiggles/ HuffPost lowest denominator garbage. Back then they would have similar lighthearted articles, but even the more satirical or casual ones would still have more substance than whatever this is.