Meet the NKOR Team!

NKOR’S unique strength derives from a combination of our team’s technical ability to build the NKOR platform, which our already in-development novel Anchoring technology at its core, with the expertise and knowledge of the founders of the group in the field of data distribution and content management

Meet the team behind the NKOR project!

  • Eric Klein, Co-Founder and CEO — With more than 11 years of experience in the media industry, the majority of which in senior corporate management positions, and a Masters in law, Eric holds invaluable knowledge in digital media distribution, content representation and intellectual property management.
  • Ami Inbar, Co-Founder and CMO — Ami is seasoned internet entrepreneur and marketer with 18 years of experience, and several very successful internet and digital commerce ventures under his belt. Ami is renowned in the online industry for founding BizProfits, a leading CPA networks and an industry leader in performance marketing.
  • Elisha Ben Tamar, Co-Founder and legal advisor — In addition to specialising in international trade laws and practices, Elisha is a well experienced businessman with a versatile portfolio spanning various industry sectors.
  • Gil Vinder, Co-Founder and COO — Gil has a proven track record of 11 years in managing global businesses in the field of performance marketing and e-commerce, and is well known in the industry for scaling BizProfits from its inception to becoming one of the leading CPA networks operating worldwide.
  • Ivan Didur, Co-Founder and CTO — Ivan has more than 4 years of developing private blockchains, 5 years of experience with AI, Big Data and Distributed Systems, and an ongoing research in federated reinforcement learning field. He is the CTO and Co-Founder at DataRoot Labs — one of the largest AI & Big Data teams in Ukraine, and serves as an associate professor in the blockchain school in Kiev.

Those are the main team members, but of course- we also have a strong team of highly qualified advisors. To learn more about them, please visit our website:

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