I’ll focus on the human capital question here.
Lyman Stone

I can’t speak for the whole of Africa but only for my part, the main reasons why my country is in the first world status are an overall low population density, a really low developmental starting point, especially really low human capital levels after independence, the cold war politics, poor systems of government adopted that led to high levels of corruption present today and I feel that there really has not really been enough time since independence to right these other factors.
Most African countries’ economies were hugely based on exploitation of natural resources with very little to no resources being allocated into practical formal technical education, if you read about countries like Zambia, my home planet, you will find that at the time of independence there were just a handful of high schools mainly meant for the white European workers sent here to work on the mines, these simply did not have the capacity to handle enrolling native students. Basically because the colonial govts felt that the higher skilled jobs should always for be allocated to white immigrants, the framework to mobilize the manpower effectively of the natives was simply not there. In fact the system was organized so it was thoroughly dependent on white British skilled workers.

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