I was fascinated of my dream and I wake up sat on bad, after running chasing light in darkness of thought I revised my dream. I was building a house for my own and my wife was wife was happy about it, a short thought I wanted to pursue to it, so that my wife can live in a beautiful house net a shark. I was half determined was it enough to build my home?

I got dreamed took a small table for asking purpose in my kitchen and a long paper, stapled together of small termed exercise short, I drafted with all scales a plan. I was going to be a single story, blacks foundation but with half brick, half plank house never seen. I took my phone to check my balance I had 50 ZAR in S.A. currency, and in my pocket 8 ZAR to get to town. I told my wife after a harsh all of waking has up to visit her mom for few days. I could see her thoughts arguing but she took her always packed bar after a home breakfast and took 8 ZAR to take a taxi and left.

I took a long walk to town hiking cars all the way these until I got there. I went to an adviser for house plan, seeing my condition and being a person rather than careless, he helped me for free. The foundation were going to be blocks covered with planks, the single layer on sides of bricks in and out covered with a planks only. As a gift he gave me some liquid oil he didn’t use for plants to not age, or get rotten as the house age.

I went to factories where planks are made and asked for a manager, he came and I told him about my dream, as much as he was scared that I was going to ask for funds as donation I requested that all the planks that not rightfully processed be offered to me. He asked humbly looked at me at age and made an offer I couldn’t refuse he was going to give all planks structured for foundation and then give me all unprocessed planks for sides. I stood up to give him 25 ZAR of what I what withdrawn from the bank but refused to take it, I thanked him then I left.

An hour later after walking I saw a brick factory then entered and seek to a manager. It was a beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, appealing in eyes. I told her my dream as I continued to talk her face got emotionally and sympathetic by a minute, I jumped to my requested, of all not properly made brinks to the offered to me they are going to throw it anyways. She was a well taught lady her charms were over my hand, she offered to give blocks not made properly for foundation than bricks I requested for side and cement for building. I offered to give her 25 ZAR to humbly thank her, but she refused after seeing that she will be giving me not of quality staff. I got up and thanked her than left.

I went home and slept. I wake up than I looked out at the window to see the noise outside it was the trucks delivery blocks and, I took a shove, started to dig up and did all measurement, couple of my neighbour came to see what I was doing they were all negative, after three days me and my best friend had finished the foundation, he helped me while discouraging me in a process so I told him to leave. At might I will be awake looking after blocks, bricks and blanks. My wife came back after a week I was already starting with two sides, we went to the stock and asked me what I’m doing, I told her the dream, she listened and was happy that I went through all because of her.

At night we took turn to water over things but I let her sleep a lot, next day came and she helped me, she gained a skill a building in a process. She actually surprised me after seeing my uncles and siblings arriving with tools to help. The jobs become, less and easy we took two weeks to finish we the roofing after that I took remaining bricks to build a wall and then an all I poured to all the planks structures in the house also the house it slept to avoid degrading.

A month later of a dream with my wife me want to town and bought cheap chair and tables as a starter for our home, we took chair sat outside and watched the house as it got darker, we went to sleep. A day after I got a call from the house adviser, and he wrote a story about me titled “Dreamer” and he was amazed that I fulfilled the dream I had, I was going to be hosted to a conference of leader as a guest speaker to talk about my dream and receive an amount of inspiration of half a million ZAR with a job as house adviser and planner after attaining my qualification that will be paid for, I came back I got a car accident and I survived as I went to be hospital.

On my way to the hospital, I was trolled in o ambulance pipes were running in and out of me, I wasn’t that much of a medical student, my head was shaken off, as it started to move, the noise, beeping, beeping as I closed my eyes, when I woke up it was a beginning of the day. I sat on my bed and watched my wife sleeping peacefully.