Lay, 20, is looking at her newborn daughter, Di Lay, born a few hours earlier in the Tham Hin camp’s maternity ward in Thailand. The first-time mother is being treated for tuberculosis and is very weak. “I’m tired but very happy,” she smiles. Photo: Peter Biro.

Throughout our careers in public health, we have both maintained a strong passion for furthering the global agenda on improving maternal and newborn health. If we can’t protect women who are bringing life into this world and their vulnerable babies, our community is failing.

We know a person is most…

We at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) recently conducted two research studies with support from Elrha’s Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) funding mechanism: one, a prospective cohort study on a combined protocol for acute malnutrition treatment in Somalia, and two, a four-country policy study around drivers of decision-making…

Naoko Kozuki

Health Research Advisor @theIRC | working toward a world of healthy mamas, babies, and kids | Assc Faculty @JohnsHopkinsIH | views are my own

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