I entered my Office, was a little late. Usually HR comes late, by that day she was early. My colleague called me and whispered angrily “IDIOT SHE CAME”, I came rushing all the way to office, placed my helmet and my team was looking at me,

One guy smirked at me, another one’s expression meant, “You will be fired”

Another one’s eyes was kind enough to mean “Let’s hope for the positive”,

The last one just averted while eating chips and was playing clash of clans, hmmm others still with their candy crush and temple run as usual,

I went to the HR room, my phone rang “AT THE STARTING OF THE WEEK” RINGTONE, I pressed my pocket hard enough to disconnect the call, woefully it dint. So I took it out of my pocket and saw quickly it was my dad and rejected it.

My HR at full swing started, Is this the time u come to office? I know that you are always late,

I said, “errr! Mam only today, as my stomach was upset.

Do you think that you’re a school lad? (She continued)

I suddenly went back to my school days, Her words faded down!

During schooldays we all used to go by cycle. One rainy day I was left behind alone, was rushing towards school. Then I went to class, when I passed through the window I saw some of my mates noticing me, my dear pals and bench mates from the last bench.

One of my friend signaled me “Don’t come now, come by next hour”

The other one said in hushed tone “l wil say proxy for you!”

The next murmured, “Wait da, I will tell you when to enter, you just go and wait at the canteen”.

The other one was hiding the lunch box under his desk and was eating something and signed, “You dont worry, will spare some for you”.

I went to the canteen and waited. Within 15mins, my friends came running towards me, I had no clue what happened.

They were laughing at me and told that, they were caught by mam while practicing their proxy scene, now mam called me up too!!

After a long discussion we went to the class teacher, She asked why I was late, I told her my stomach was upset ,she asked me why I dint take leave, I stood still,

She questioned again: Why did you tell your friends to tell the attendance?

My friend shouted, mam I did it mam, it was not his fault.

She continued, “Okay today I will mark absent for all of you, bring your parents tomorrow or don’t come to school, some of my friends said, “pleeease maam”, but she stayed quite. Then we happily took our bags, whole class was staring us, then we went to play cricket and had fun around. Later we went to my friend Arjun’s house as both of his parents were workers, so we played play station there and enjoyed to the core and went back to home as If I am returning from school,

I was absolutely not worried about school, bringing my parents, I had no commitments at all, all I wanted was to grow up and become a man.!!

Now HR Shouting, “RANGAN are you listening to me?????”

I was like, yes I am.

Finishing all your work by day end doesn’t matter here, Time is important or else find some other place, suddenly her phone vibrated.

I thought of going back home and even thought to resign,my resignation got a call from my dad, I attended it, he asked me to pay bills that are remaining and said about the other expenses, I hanged up the call and HR asked, “Hmmm what is your plan??”

I replied immediately,”I WILL BE ON TIME HENCEFORTH MAM”

And went back to my seat, and realized the things changed when I grew up.

Now I worry about is my parents, office, and all my commitments, ALL I WANTED NOW IS TO GET BACK TO CHILDHOOD.