One fine morning, nice weather, with pleasant atmosphere I heard a loud noise, my mom “ TIME TO OFFICE ITS long I have been waking you up”….ERRRRR I woke up all of a sudden and started rushing to make myself ready for the day. I started my bike and as never ride bike without music, I stopped and wore my headphones and started again. ERRR.. bike didnt start , self start button sounded like a rat was struck in my wheel..

It was near a bus stop everyone stared at me as if I ran out of bullets in the middle of a war between India and Pakistan …hmmm that was my situation too, I opened my tank and checked the petrol level..

phone ranged, HR call again, “Where are you? You are supposed to be at the office by now?”

I told “Mam my bike is under repair, I will be there in another half an hour. I hanged up the call, I felt to quit my Job and go somewhere peacefully.Each time my HR scolds I decide to quit the job,din like this life at all.then I took my bike to the workshop near by, after walking with my bike for 5 min I couldnt find the workshop, called up my unemployed friends, as they will be available any time, so I called JP my friend, he said he will come in 10 min.I stopped my vehicle and sat on the pavement.

A gang of school boys were standing near me, WHOAH! everyone had smart phones, they were planning to bunk the school.A guy over there told that he will book in bookmy show app,I was thinking how we would be afraid of bunking the classes and would change our uniform and go wait at the ticket counter, hmmm.. bus came all those boys boarded and went. A flower seller came near me and offered flowers for sale,I have no use and its difficult to refuse to someone .I said no and took my phone. Internet pack was also over, called up JP again, he dint pick up, might be he is on his way.

A nicely dressed up man was standing beside me, might be an IT employee. Suddenly a girl came crossing the road ,she looked pretty, wow! she looked like cindrella, though I remember cindrella as a cartoon, she was osm, came straight towards the guy and apologised for being late, he was very angry and was arguing, a old aged man came towards me and asked for money, I gave him 10 rupees, he started walking ,

again started to look whats happening between them, still arguing, a guy asked address how to go to gandhipuram,

I was like (errr wait for sometime if I miss a little I wont know what is happening between them), told him the way and again turned again

he then asked right or left ,I dint reply this time,again he asked

stared at him and told left.

and started to listen again,The guy said “No its all over and” and left the place.(I was like aww how could he miss such a cute girl,hmmm)

She stood still and was crying, I too was worried, because I was listening to their conversation for the past 15 mins and I knew they broke up for a stupid reason.I watched her, she saw me, I averted.

A small boy came near me and asked why I was siting there,I was shocked , even If I decide to sit here for another 5 years none would ask, but Iam happy that he asked me,I told him the story.

That woman who was selling flowers came and met a man who was drunk they both quarrelled and he took money from her and went .When asked that woman told, that she believes that her husband will quit alcohol soon and everything will be fine, he is nice guy and she loves him so much then she started selling flowers again .

That old man whom I gave 10 rs came with a book and gave to the boy next to me, I asked him who was that.He replied that he was his grandpa, as he cannot afford to school he begs for money and buys books or whatever he could to the boy, and that boy has lost his parents years before.

hmmm i thought deeply about one thing

School boys had a chance to study but they were not interested,

But the poor boy wants to study but he did not have a chance,

Educated couple were fighting for being late, and breaks up for a small reason.

Uneducated woman though her husband abuses, she stays calm that everything will be alright one day.

The grandpa begs money for his grandchild’s education.

Inspite of all these years of education, I am at this point knowing practicalities through experience,

None are happy with what they have, as mere education wont make us see this all,

Be happy with whatever you have, in any situation.You are gifted!

Oh friend came! .HR wont be ready

to listen all this, but it was a nice start.

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