And why you should try anyway

A US dollar bill rolled up in a prescription bottle.
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We all know the U.S. health care system is bad. But why hasn’t any business come in and fixed it? The market is massive, inefficient, and extremely wasteful. Some estimates suggest wasteful spending accounts for between $760 billion and $935 billion annually, from a combination of unnecessary administrative costs, fraud…

How to build the on-boarding system for healthcare

Out-Of-Pocket has gone through several iterations as an idea. It actually started as building “The Daily Show for healthcare” and creating a healthcare media/comedy empire.

But it’s morphed over time, and here’s where the idea is today.

Out-Of-Pocket’s goal is to be…

We have a loneliness problem as a society.

Cigna conducted a survey on 20,000 of their members.

  • 54% said they always or sometimes feel that no one knows them well.
  • 56% reported they sometimes or always felt like the people around them “are not necessarily with them.”
  • 40% felt like…

Student’s choices in majors are mismatched from the labor market

There’s been a lot of concern about the current state of the education system and whether it provides enough value relative to the financial requirements. …

Nikhil Krishnan

Healthcare/Comedy at Out Of Pocket: Get Real: Alum: @cbinsights @trialspark

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