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I think healthcare giants (specifically insurers and providers) trying to operate programs dedicated to tackling “social determinants of health” is something we should be more intensely questioning instead of unabashedly supporting.

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Social Determinants

For the uninitiated, “social determinants of health” encompass a lot of the environmental factors that contribute to poor health outcomes. A non-exhaustive list includes things like:

  • Transportation to and from visits
  • Access to fresh food and produce
  • Housing insecurity
  • Neighborhood safety
  • Community support systems
  • Job security

I’m not going to argue that these don’t have major impacts on people’s health. They obviously do and there’s a billion studies at this point to suggest that they do, especially in areas like chronic disease where disease development and management happens outside of the hospital. …

And why you should try anyway

A US dollar bill rolled up in a prescription bottle.
A US dollar bill rolled up in a prescription bottle.
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We all know the U.S. health care system is bad. But why hasn’t any business come in and fixed it? The market is massive, inefficient, and extremely wasteful. Some estimates suggest wasteful spending accounts for between $760 billion and $935 billion annually, from a combination of unnecessary administrative costs, fraud, over-treatment, poor care coordination, and other factors. …

How to build the on-boarding system for healthcare

Out-Of-Pocket has gone through several iterations as an idea. It actually started as building “The Daily Show for healthcare” and creating a healthcare media/comedy empire.

But it’s morphed over time, and here’s where the idea is today.

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Out-Of-Pocket’s goal is to be the on-boarding system for people that aren’t in healthcare, want to go deeper into it, and continue to level up as they learn more. …


Nikhil Krishnan

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